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Why join lokal?

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    You’re a decision maker in a start-up or small service based business
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    You prefer dealing with local businesses when buying and selling services
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    You want to build a valuable network of local business professionals
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    You don’t have time to attend multiple networking events
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    You prefer one-to-one networking to large group Zoom calls

How does it work?

With our speedy onboarding process, it will take you less than 5 minutes to create your profile and start using lokal.

Step 1

Hit the ‘Start Free Trial‘ button and create your Personal and Company Profile

Step 2

Assess your lokal business matches and try out the Find Services tool if you have no initial matches

Step 3

Message and connect with your matches and anyone of interest from your ‘Find Services’ results

Step 4

Meet up, work together and help support your fellow small businesses to boost the local economy

We’re here to help you grow your business

“Welcome to lokal…the platform that brings local business to business networking into the 21st Century!”

As a small recruitment business owner myself, I have spent many wasted hours and money over the years on unproductive networking events. Don’t get me wrong, face to face networking is absolutely the best way of building business relationships, but let’s leverage technology to help us meet the local professionals we need to speak with and who may want to speak with us…..rather than relying on chance encounters at the coffee area.

Following over 3 years of strategy meetings, raising investment, development, re-builds, testing and even more development, we’re proud to have created a digital platform, where you can connect and be automatically matched with the local business professionals you need to be speaking with.

Let’s build a strong community where local businesses can support one another and grow.

Matt Edge-Wilkins (Founder)